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        Welcome to Anhui mining Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Official website



        Anhui mining Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Contact: manager Jiang

        Fixed: +86-0561-3126301

        Fax: +86-0561-3126380

        Mobile: +86-13856195551

        E-mail: 1565688698@qq.com

        Address: no.222, dongshan road, duji district, huaibei city, anhui province

        Zip code: 235000

        Industry dynamics

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          The company's strong service for research and development to promote enterprise development
          Time:2017-08-28 17:27:57      Clicks:5148

          In recent years, the company has made great efforts to transform the development mode and actively adjusted the marketing thinking, and the two wagons have been promoted by the one-stop service and new product development.

          "Is the user satisfied?" This is the company's strict questioning in the "one-stop" sales service. The company aims to "provide efficient services and meet the personalized needs of customers", enhance service awareness and improve service quality. Provide selected design and comprehensive supporting services according to customer requirements and implement "one-stop service"; Develop the installation, debugging and service business, implement the "turnkey project", achieve pre-sales intervention, sales control, after-sales follow-up. Through the implementation of "one-stop" service, the company's products have successfully penetrated the coal mining enterprises in the provinces, and the brand influence has been further expanded.

          Based on the existing production pattern, we will make the best products and build the high-end coal machine equipment production base. In recent years, the company by strengthening exchanges and cooperation with scientific research institutes, and domestic and foreign coal enterprise, integrating research and development of existing resources, to build research and development system, speed up the introduction of core technology absorption, cultivate the capacity for independent innovation. The company independently developed and developed the 7.2-meter high hydraulic supports to achieve the advanced level of similar equipment in China; The flexible hydraulic support for the special geological conditions of Vietnamese merchants is realized. The company also works with external enterprises to establish coal machine manufacturing and repair outlets, and further preempts the market by building the plant at the user's gate to provide impetus for development.

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