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        Welcome to Anhui mining Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Official website



        Anhui mining Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Contact: manager Jiang

        Fixed: +86-0561-3126301

        Fax: +86-0561-3126380

        Mobile: +86-13856195551

        E-mail: 1565688698@qq.com

        Address: no.222, dongshan road, duji district, huaibei city, anhui province

        Zip code: 235000

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          The company held the launch ceremony of the safe production month
          Time:2017-08-28 17:13:01      Clicks:5586

          Value the 16 on the arrival of the "safe production month" in order to further do a good job in corporate security worker safety awareness, the morning of May 31, the company the launch safety month activity in front of the building.

          At the ceremony, Mr. Xue zhongjian, vice President of the company, made an important speech. He emphasized five points in the production of the monthly activities. One is to promote the safety in production hidden perils in risk control and management of double prevention system construction, construction of production safety risk search, analysis, early warning, prevention and treatment of and responsibility for the "six mechanisms", strengthening risk control; The second is to implement the five implementation regulations of the enterprise safety production responsibility system. Third, we will strengthen the formulation, training and drilling of on-site disposal programmes; Fourth, strengthen security education, improve the safety quality of the whole staff; Fifth, strengthen the hidden trouble to check and control, ensure safe production.

          Later, the company's security management department led the officers to take the oath of security and signed the security.

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