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          The daily maintenance of the conveyor
          Time:2017-08-28 16:39:43      Clicks:4680

          1. During the working process, the conveyor should be supervised by fixed personnel. The caretaker must be familiar with the general technical common sense and the performance of the conveyor.

          2. The enterprise shall formulate the "equipment maintenance, maintenance and safety operation procedures" of the conveyors, so as to ensure the maintenance of personnel, the caretaker must have a succession system.

          3. The belt conveyor should be evenly distributed, and the feed funnel should not be filled and overflow.

          4. During the working process of the conveyor, the non-caretaker shall not be near the machine; No person shall touch any rotating parts. In case of failure, the operation must be stopped immediately and the failure shall be eliminated. If any defect that is not immediately eliminated but has no undue influence on the work shall be recorded and shall be eliminated during maintenance.

          5. When guarding the conveyor, observe the operation of the components frequently, check the connecting bolts everywhere, and find loose and timely tightening. But when the conveyor is absolutely prohibited, the moving parts of the conveyor are cleaned and repaired.

          6. The screw tightening device of tail assembly should be adjusted to ensure that the conveyor belt has normal working tension. Supervisor should always observe the performance of the conveyor belt, where local damage, should regard its damage degree (both affect production) and decide whether to replace or to repair immediately change new one. The conveyor belt removed shall be treated with the degree of wear and tear.

          7. Guarding the belt conveyor is to observe the work status, cleaning, lubrication and inspection and adjustment of the screw tensioning device.

          8. The conveyor normally starts at no load and stops after the material is unloaded.

          9. In addition to maintaining normal lubrication and removing individual damaged parts, the conveyor must be overhauled once every 6 months. The defects in use and records must be eliminated during maintenance and the damaged parts and lubricating oils shall be removed and damaged.

          10. The enterprise may make maintenance cycle according to the working conditions of the conveyor.

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