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        Welcome to Anhui mining Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Official website



        Anhui mining Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Contact: manager Jiang

        Fixed: +86-0561-3126301

        Fax: +86-0561-3126380

        Mobile: +86-13856195551

        E-mail: 1565688698@qq.com

        Address: no.222, dongshan road, duji district, huaibei city, anhui province

        Zip code: 235000

        Company profiles

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        Anhui mining machinery and electrical equipment co., LTD. Is a national high-tech enterprise, national coal machinery equipment manufacturing backbone enterprise, coal industry AAA credit enterprise. The industry ranks 14st. It covers an area of nearly 1000 mu, with 1,100 employees. With over 1,300 machine tools and high precision equipment, it has a provincial technical center and a national class b testing center, which is a demonstration enterprise of "informationization and industrialization integration".

        The company is engaged in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of coal mining, comprehensive mining, support and transportation equipment. Leading products are hydraulic support, scraper conveyor, belt conveyor, new products have a monorail car, train, crane installation and dismantling of fully mechanized working face advance supporting products equipment, etc., and engaged in mining equipment, electrical repair, overhaul and forging, casting production. Have the grade 3 qualification of general contract of mine engineering contract and general contract qualification of mechanical and electrical engineering. After years of sales accumulation, the company established a nationwide sales network.

        Founded in 1958, the company was formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of huaibei (mining) group, which was transformed into a holding subsidiary of anhui huaihai industrial development group co., LTD in 2008. Comprises a wholly owned subsidiary - huaibei teng trading company, four subsidiary -- anhui huai hai can equipment manufacturing co., LTD., ningxia again anhui silver mining mechanical and electrical equipment company, yihong wu hydraulic machinery co., LTD. And anhui huaibei jaguar mining transportation equipment co., LTD.

        The company integrates talents and technical resources, and sets up five research institutes of belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, support equipment, new product development and new energy equipment. It has the independent r&d ability of hydraulic support, belt machine and scraper, and the whole series of products have been awarded the national "certificate of safety of coal mine products". We have the brand of "qingyu" "wan xing" and "Rio mining", among which, the hydraulic support of "holding yu" brand, "wan star" brand belt conveyor and scraper conveyor are the famous products of anhui province. Won the 2012 anhui quality award, the provincial excellence performance award, 2011 mayor's quality award, the municipal technology innovation top 10 enterprises.

        The company is located in anhui province coal mine machinery production base, located in huaibei city, anhui province pang wang industrial park, blanking, electroplating and other advanced production lines, formed from under the sheet, shaped material, structure, machining parts, such as chrome accessories production, to support assembly of a full set of production processes, set up centralized modular layout resources according to the process.

        As one body two wings "huai hai group development strategy of leading enterprises, the company combined with the national industrial policy, market development trend and huai hai group machinery manufacturing industry development planning, will continue to adhere to the" product specialized, diversified ownership, industry integration and management refinement "development strategy, adhering to the good faith management idea, to create wealth with partners at home and abroad and seek common business and common development. We earnestly hope that leaders at all levels and all walks of life will care, guide and help!